The Lone Sailor


The Lone Sailor

#research #interaction #education #ergonomic

This project is a collaboration between an Industrial Design student and a Cognitive Science student working with SSRS-Swedish Sea Rescue Society. Using methods from industrial design and cognitive science together with applying dynamic navigation as navigation method we created a pedagogical example of how to design a bridge deck for high speed rescue boats

Made in collaboration with Sally Ståhl and SSRS


We visited many of SSRS’s stations in the archipelago and observed several rescue volunteers in their daily work, understanding their needs and how they work in a extreme environment where emergencies often happen in bad weather with limited sight and high waves.


The sphere analysis helped us to identify what tools is used by whom and their individual importance in relation to how physical close they should be to the one using them.  We plotted out the tools in a live scale mockup of a deck bridge and tested different layouts for them. 


To analyse behaviours on the bridge deck a live scale prototype was
built and function analysis was applied in order to try out different scenarios that was derived from the interviews. 



We wanted to see beyond the technical limitations of today. This design suggests a more abstract approach to fit the bridge deck to the principles of dynamic navigation. The end suggestion is not the renderings but more the methods behind them and should be thought of as a pedagogical example of how to approach the task of building new rescue boats.